Your choice of Spain as a holiday destination is a promising one. The country has many attractions ranging from historical monuments to cultural events, great facilities for tourists, and a bustling nightlife that is famous around the world.

Here are five amazing tourist attractions that you should definitely visit during your vacation in Spain.

Teide National Park

Located in Tenerife Canary Islands, Teide National Park is the oldest, largest, and the most frequently visited national park in the country. This UNESCO World Heritage Site in Spain lets you enjoy the scenic view of Mount Teide, the vibrant Canary Island pines, and the impressive biodiversity of the park. Do you know that the environmental and geological conditions of the Teide National Park are similar to those of the planet Mars? Thus, research studies about the red planet uses the Spanish national park as a reference.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Built along the Nervión River, the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao is a sight to behold. Its breathtaking architectural design and façade of glass, limestone, and titanium is one of the most lauded in contemporary architecture. Inside the museum, you can view many modern art collections, as well as thematic exhibitions and large-scale installations.

Sierra Nevada Ski Station

For winter sports enthusiasts, the ski resort in Sierra Nevada makes for a perfect Spanish getaway. The Alpine World Ski Championships of 1996 was hosted by Sierra Nevada Ski Station. The ski resort is famous for its relatively warm temperatures and blue skies even during the winter.

Atapuerca Mountains

Also known as Sierra de Atapuerca, this karstic region and archaeological site is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Spain. There are caves in the Atapuerca Mountains where fossils of the earliest known hominids in Western Europe were discovered. Their stone tools were also found in the caves. Visit this important archaeological location by joining one of the package tours offered by the Museum in Human Evolution in Burgos.

Puerta del Sol

Don’t miss out on one of the attractions that Spain is famous for: the wild and exciting nightlife. Puerta del Sol, which means “Gate of the Sun,” is a lively place in Madrid. Puerta del Sol square is home to many famous landmarks, including the King Charles III monument and the old Post Office that doubles as the office of the President of Madrid. You will also find lots of shopping establishments in this part of Madrid. And late at night, witness the bars and dance clubs of Puerta del Sol come alive.

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Night view from Alhambra de Granada by available under CC BY 2.0

Teide National Park by Ben Salter available under CC BY 2.0
Guggenheim by Cata available under CC BY 2.0
Sierra Nevada 002 by Oliver Clarke available under available under CC BY 2.0